Bomb Threat Management and Active Shooter Training


CounterThreat Consulting provides bomb threat management and active shooter training in a dynamic, instructor led environment. Seminars are presented in a hands-on classroom setting featuring PowerPoint® and video presentations, and interactive exercises. Participants will learn to understand who, how and why these incidents are committed, how to prepare for and respond to the threat, and will leave the training seminar more confident and better able to handle the threats addressed.


Introducing The Shield

The Shield is a ballistic protection system that is capable of preventing unauthorized entry into a classroom or office setting. The ballistic material in The Shield provides UL752 Level 8 (the highest rating available) ballistic protection which includes handguns and rifles up to 7.62 caliber. At the first sign of an active shooter / mass attack event, The Shield can be deployed in less than 10 seconds. Once deployed, the attacker CANNOT shoot through The Shield, break through The Shield or go under, over or around The Shield, keeping everyone inside the protected room safe.

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Our new 1-hour online video training presentation is coming February 1st, 2017! “Survive – Preparation and Response to Active Shooter […]

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