Las Vegas, Nevada – March 31, 2016

It would be great to take the all day extended training.  Mike is an excellent trainer.  Linda M.;

Great job Homie.  I loved the program.;

Mike was great!  He explained things well! Dundrea W.;

On-going regular refresher please.  Christine B.;

Everything was great!  Vladimir;

Very good trainer.  This course should be open to everyone in the company.  Dixie S.;

Excellent!  Carmen V.;

Everything was great!  Yanina C.;

Everything was clear.  I have a different and clearer opinion on these situations.  Tania M.;

The course was fabulous and fun!  Demi M.;

This program was awesome, so much important information!  Wow!  Rita F.;

Mike did a great job of going through the course and explaining the types of threats and statistics.