Preparation and Response to Active Shooter and Mass Attack Events – Las Vegas, NV – July 12, 2016

Great basic level training – Chad C., Security Department

Very Empowering – Security Department

Enjoyed this class immensely.  High octane, very informative.  Should be facilitated 2 x a year.  Made me more confident with my abilities of dealing with a mass / active Shooter situation. – Nelle T., Security Department

The information was helpful, and providing this class to every department was probably the best option.  Security Department

Thank You! – Food and Beverage Department

Thank You – Len L., Accounting Department

Thank You. – Human Resources Department

As a former military service member the class was a great look at the civilian level training – Chad, Security Department

Great program I learned a lot.  The exercises we did I can use at work or when I’m out with my family.  Instructor was great and informative. – Tony, Security Department

I strongly agree with the content of this course.  If one feels confident in their ability or abilities to survive they will mostly survive in traumatic events.  Silvestre G., Security Department

Good class. – David B., Security Department

Great class! – Table Games Department

Great instructor.  Very informative and was able to roll through a serious topic with personality. – Security Department

As always, a great presentation was given. – David M., Security Department

The course was very well done, kept it a little light even though this is a very heavy subject. – Security Department

Great class. – Security Department

Good job presenting. – Ryan, Security Department

The class was great. – Security Department

Good class overall. – Flavio E., Security Department

Very informative.  Would like to see additional classes. – Marc W., Surveillance Department

The practical exercises were beneficial to the learning experience. – Surveillance Department

In light of the recent events this presentation was very insightful & relevant. – Ray G., Casino Cage

Really like the exercises / scenarios.  It gives better understanding of real life situations. – Eric W., Security Department

Great speaking ability. – Cyndi G., Executive Administration

This would be good information for everyone, not just security. – Frank B., Security Department

Great course!!  Your experience brought an extra element to the class vs. an everyday instructor!! Thanks. – Administrative Department

Great class.

I learned a lot today.  My feeling coming into this was to hide and I was very scared.  I feel a lot better prepared to handle situations now.  Thank you!  Love the sense of humor too – It helped me to feel more comfortable with material. – Human Resources

Great class, Great content. – Stacy K., Human Resources

Nice review of being alert, reacting and reminding everyone “they will survive” is a great mind set. – Bryan W., Security Department

Effective content / material.  Easy to remember. – Ryan Q., Marketing Department

The wound care was a great addition. – Lisa S., Marketing Department

Great information to use at work and at home or wherever we are at in public.  Thank you! – Debbie H., Catering Department

Excellent class! – Brad N., Catering Department

Great class overall. – Security Department