Active Shooter and Mass Attack Training

When confronted with an active shooter or mass attack event, don't hide...

Barricade Flee or Fight

At CounterThreat Consulting, our goal is to provide the plan, confidence and mindset needed to prepare for, respond to, manage and survive active shooter or mass attack events.


We currently offer 3 educational seminars:

1cThis fast-paced, dynamic, 1-hour seminar is geared towards students who wants to be prepared for the possibility of an active shooter or mass attack event. You will learn the Barricade Flee or Fight model and how to effectively apply the principles. The focus is on being prepared for an attack before it occurs, the courses of action that are available if an attack occurs, having the proper mindset and, most-importantly, having the will to survive an attack.

2cOur 3-hour seminar is geared toward the individual who wants to be prepared for the possibility of an active shooter or mass attack event. In addition to the lessons taught in seminar 1, this seminar examines the history of mass attacks in the United States, the lessons learned from those attacks, understanding our own human physiology and how we can survive such attacks, and participants will apply the Barricade Flee or Fight principles in a live training exercise.

3cThe 4-hour seminar is our most popular. It is geared toward professionals, employees of at risk facilities, adults and older teenagers. It encompasses everything taught in seminars 1 and 2, and includes three live training exercises where participants apply the Barricade Flee or Fight principles and all that they have learned.


All three of our sessions are geared towards students (middle school and above), teachers, parents, and business professionals who understand the need to be prepared for the possibility of an active shooter or mass attack event. Based upon our unique training model, Barricade Flee or Fight, participants will receive training and learn techniques to identify a threat, determine the best course of action, execute that course of action, and survive the event. Our educational seminars are typically provided in a classroom or auditorium setting and feature a dynamic, instructor-led presentation.

For corporate clients, there is a hidden benefit of our training: TEAM BUILDING. Participants will not only learn how to apply the Barricade Flee or Fight principles, they will also work together securing and barricading doors and windows, setting up a secondary barricade, establishing 911 communications, treating the wounded, considering door / window escapes, calming those who cannot calm themselves, effectively fleeing from the threat and possibly even coming face to face with the threat.


A recent report by the FBI, which studied 160 active shooter incidents in the United States between 2000 and 2013, concluded that:
“Recognizing the increased active shooter threat and the swiftness with which active shooter incidents unfold, these study results support the importance of training and exercises— not only for law enforcement but also for citizens. It is important, too, that training and exercises include not only an understanding of the threats faced but also the risks and options available in active shooter incidents.”