Mike Surick, Founder & CEO


Mike is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, after 20 years of service, as a detective specializing in the investigation of bomb threats and explosives related incidents. After Mike’s retirement he developed CounterThreat Consulting with the goal of providing first responders, companies and individuals with training related to bomb threat management, explosives and improvised explosive device familiarization, and personal risk preparation. Mike has also served as a project manager for the Nevada Homeland Security Silver Shield and, most recently served as a military contractor, embedded with the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division and deployed to Afghanistan. Mike currently resides in South Florida.




Founder & CEO, CounterThreat Consulting
Armed Security Certification – Certification #801198
Retired Peace Officer Concealed Firearms Certification
Police Officer (Retired) – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (20 Years)

Las Vegas Police Protective Association
Las Vegas Sheriff’s Protective Association

CounterThreat Consulting (Formerly CounterThreat Consulting, Inc.) 2007 to Present
• Founder & CEO
o Counter-Threat Consulting was created with the goal of providing first responders, companies and their employees with the training necessary to prepare for, and if necessary, manage incidents involving bomb threats and explosives, to safeguard property and safeguard lives.

Proven Investigations, LLC (South Florida) June 2015 to Present
• Lead Investigator
o Surveillance
o Incident / accident investigations
o Incident / accident scene documentation
o Backgrounds
o Locate and Interview witnesses

DTA Security Services (Las Vegas) February 2015 to Present
• Security Manager
o Report directly to the company owner
o Manages supervisors and groups of armed and unarmed security officers who ensure the protection of an organization’s facilities.
o Develops and enforces security procedures and regulations
o Acts as a liaison to all departments on security measures, procedures, and needs
o Develops and implements a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures
o Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals

Hyde Nightclub – Bellagio Las Vegas August 2014 to January 2015
• Security Manager
o Manage 21-person security team
o Answer directly to the Director of Operations and General Manager
o Responsibilities to include, but not limited to:
o Scheduling for 7-day per week coverage for lounge, special events and nightclub security operations
o Managing a nearly $500,000 annual security budget
o Develop and train Security Host team
o Development of related policy and standard operating procedure (SOP)
o Conduct investigations related to incidents involving staff and guests
o Liaison and coordinate with:

Sbe / SLS VP of Security
Sbe Director of Security
Bellagio VP of Security
Bellagio Director of Security
Bellagio Director of Risk Management
Clark County Fire Marshall
Local law Enforcement
Provide annual compliance training

MGM Resorts International Corporate Security November 2013 to August 2014
• Corporate Background Investigator
o The Corporate Investigator completes background investigations for prospective employees. Must be accurate and skillful in dealing with information received. Must use sound judgment in making decisions.
o Receives assigned applications for investigation and determines proper level of investigation and general course of action.
o Completes initial review of application and determines specific course of actions including relevant contacts and appropriate approaches to conduct the investigation.
o Requests pertinent information from appropriate sources by completing phone calls, faxed requests, email requests and internet searches.
o Receives and completes analyses of information received and does follow up investigation as required.
o Takes all information received into account and determines recommendation dispositions within the context of company and department guidelines.
o Conducts other investigations and tasks as requested by the department’s director.
o Performs all other job related duties as assigned.

MPRI / Engility July 2012 to May 2013
• Military Contractor / Law Enforcement Professional (LEP)
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Forward Operating Base (FOB) Salerno, Afghanistan
*Current SECRET Security Clearance*
o LEPs are embedded as vital members of the US Military. As a highly skilled team consisting of experienced criminal enterprise investigators, LEPs served as investigators, planners, advisors, and subject matter experts in support of designated US Army and Marine units. LEPs have transferred their law enforcement experience from investigating criminal suspects and networks in the US to investigating the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military has credited the LEP program with significant contributions in targeting, capturing, and prosecuting criminals and insurgents, which has led to, increased community stability and saving Soldiers’ lives. The mission in Afghanistan is physically and mentally demanding. The weather is harsh and the work schedule can be seven days a week and averages 12 to 16 hours a day.
o After approximately 2 months of training at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, deployed with the 101st Airborne to FOB Salerno, Afghanistan as an embedded battalion LEP.

Beso, LLC / Eve the Nightclub May 2010 to February 2011
• Director of Security
(Position eliminated as part of Chapter 11 reorganization)
o Beso, the Spanish word for kiss, combines Eva Longoria’s Latin heritage and her passion for cooking. The Las Vegas restaurant pairs delicious fare with impeccable service and a luxuriously hip ambience. Beso was designed and developed to meet LEED certifications sought throughout City Center. Recycled materials and eco-friendly upgrades were incorporated into the overall design and construction of the restaurant.
o Director of Security reports directly to managing partner and director of operations. Oversees all aspects related to security / safety of Beso Steakhouse and Eve Nightclub. Oversees activities and assures proper conduct of all contracted security officers and employees.

Urban Environmental Research / Nevada Silver Shield / Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Department June 2009 to June 2010
• Project Manager / Contractor
o Gathering information for the State of Nevada’s Critical Infrastructure / Key Asset program in coordination with contractual obligations with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Perform site assessment visits in support of Phase I and Phase II information gathering. Identify security / facility weaknesses and strengths. Offer recommendations (Options for Considerations) meant to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department November 1985 to November 2006
• Patrol Officer
o Patrol assigned area; participate in mutual aid situations, special enforcement activities and search and rescue operations; maintain law and order; cite and arrest violators; execute search warrants and arrest warrants; keep the peace in disorderly civil disturbances; conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations; develop personal contacts and informants for investigative purposes; determine stolen property and find proper ownership; provide information to the public; council children and youths; maintain proficiency in current law enforcement procedures, techniques, methods and equipment; participate in critical incident and tactical operations; participate in vehicular surveillance; dictate and report various reports, letters, memos, observations, affidavits, other legal paperwork; testify in court; qualify with department weapons; participate in IDL program; handle service requests for area command; may serve temporary restraining orders.

• Patrol Field Training Officer
o Perform various aspects of law enforcement activities; perform as lead officer in overseeing the training of Police Officer I upon their graduation from the academy; ensure safety practiced are followed; participate and assist in teaching proper collection and compilation of information for Departmental and incident reports; evaluate and rate new police officers; write reports and assist in maintenance records; make arrests and issue citations; interrogate suspects and interview witnesses and victims; perform as first line supervisor for his/her new officer; act as a teacher and mentor; document progress and deficiencies based on new officers performance throughout his/her shift.

• Motorcycle Traffic Officer
o Enforce state statues and city and county ordinances; regulate the movement and operation of vehicles; investigate collisions occurring within LVMPD’s jurisdiction; provide testimony in court regarding the above activities
o Operate a police motorcycle, responsible for the care, cleaning and maintenance of motorcycle; investigate complex injury and fatal collisions reports and diagrams; conduct DUI investigations and arrest DUI violators; respond to DUI stops when requested and assist other units in DUI investigations as a subject matter expert.

• Gang Detail
o Collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate gag criminal information for Department records; perform special enforcement activities regarding gang gatherings and potential volatile gang situations; conduct surveillances and stakeouts regarding gang narcotics activity; develop and utilize informants; conduct research and gang investigations related to gangs and gang members; arrest suspects; develop knowledge as to how to obtain search warrants and other related matter through the District Attorney’s Office; file and track gang intelligence information; use various computer programs, including LRMS, SCOPE, AGIS, C-Track, etc.; and submit cases to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of criminal prosecution.

• Vice Detective
o Performs proactive overt/covert investigations concerning vice related activities; conducts interviews and interrogations; conducts surveillance both stationary and moving; prepares written documentation; writes reports explaining complex investigations; interprets state laws, city and county ordinances and their application to various investigation; and make verbal presentations to various governmental entities.

• Narcotics Detective
o Performs proactive investigations concerning various aspects of covert law enforcement activities; cultivates and manages confidential informants; compiles and manages case files; performs related duties as required; is available to participate in shift adjustments, overtime, and call-out as necessary; and narcotics personnel must remain available on a rotation basis for response to clandestine drug manufacturing and cultivation sites and to support departmental operations as required.
o Federal Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF)

• Robbery Detective / Robbery Homicide Bureau
o Receives and investigates cases involving robbery, bombings, bomb threats and bomb extortions, explosive devices and substances, kidnapping for the purpose of robbery, extortion and ransom and the crime of extortion; conducts surveillance and stakeout operations; conducts decoy operations; develops and utilizes informants; prepares search warrants (including telephonic); arrests suspects; interviews witnesses; interrogates suspects; prepares cases for prosecution; utilizes LRMS, SCOPE, AFIS, C-Track, NCIC, CJIS, CrimeWeb, etc.; and works with other agencies on investigations and performs other duties as required.
o Specialized in the investigations of cases involving bomb threats and explosives.
o Special Operations Squad (SOS) Team Member

• Tactical Training:
o 03/14/86 – Police Academy Graduation
o 03/14/86 – P.O.S.T. Certification
o 03/14/86 – Firearms Certification – 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun
o 03/14/86 – PR- 24 Baton Certification
o Bi-Monthly through 09/89 – Firearms Recertification 9mm
o 09/89 – Firearms Certification – .45 Semi-Automatic Handgun
o 02/22/90 – Officer Survival Tactics
o 07/01/90 – Handgun Requalification
o 10/01/90 – Excessive Force Issues Training
o 01/13/91 – Field Training Officer Certification
o 03/01/91 – PR-24 Recertification
o 11/14/91 – Barricade Suspect / Hostage Training
o 11/25/91 – Combat Shooting Simulator
o 12/01/91 – Handgun Requalification
o 12/31/91 – Handgun Requalification
o 04/17/92 – Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR) Certification
o 06/30/92 – Handgun Requalification
o 12/31/92 – Handgun Requalification
o 01/25/94 – Optional / Off-Duty Weapon Qualification .380 Semi-Auto Handgun
o 02/16/94 – Defensive Tactics / Weaponless Defense / Handcuffing Recertification
o 03/23/94 – Defensive Tactics / Handcuffing Certification
o 03/31/94 – Additional Duty Weapon Qualification
o 05/13/94 – Defensive Tactics / Weaponless Defense / Handcuffing Recertification
o 05/13/94 – Urban Tactics
o 05/13/94 – PR-24 Recertification
o 06/30/94 – Duty Weapon Requalification
o 09/28/94 – PR-24 Recertification
o 10/20/95 – Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR) Certification
o 12/21/95 – Defensive Tactics / Weaponless Defense Recertification
o 12/21/95 – PR-24 Recertification
o 12/22/95 – Critical Procedures Testing
o 12/22/95 – Handcuffing Recertification
o 02/23/96 – Off-Duty Weapon Certification- .38 Revolver
o 02/23/96 – Alternate Weapon Qualification- .45 Semi-Automatic Handgun
o 03/18/96 – 12 Gauge Shotgun Manipulation / Marksmanship Certification
o 02/15/97 – LVNR Recertification
o 09/12/97 – PR-24 Recertification
o 09/12/97 – Defensive Tactics / Handcuffing / Weaponless Defense Recertification
o 09/12/97 – Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint Recertification
o 11/26/97 – Defensive Tactics / Handcuffing / Weaponless Defense Recertification
o 11/26/97 – LVNR Recertification
o 12/22/97 – Handgun Manipulation & Squad Tactics
o 02/06/98 – PR-24 Recertification
o 02/06/98 – Defensive Tactics / Handcuffing / Weaponless Defense Recertification
o 03/31/98 – Additional Duty Weapon Certification – 12 Gauge Shotgun, Pistol Grip
o 05/04/98 – Domestic Violence Training
o 11/13/98 – PR-24 Recertification
o 11/13/98 – LVNR Recertification
o 01/30/99 – Expandable Straight Baton (ASP) Certification
o 04/21/99 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 06/15/99 – Combat Shooting Simulator Recertification
o 07/20/99 – Low Lethal Shotgun Certification
o 09/28/99 – Critical Procedures Testing
o 09/28/99 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 10/19/99 – Stalking and Aggravated Stalking
o 01/19/00 – B-Pad Testing Rater Certification
o 04/19/00 – Critical Procedures Testing
o 05/25/00 – Firearms Training Simulator
o 06/14/00 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 06/22/00 – Active Shooter Training
o 11/15/00 – Advanced Officer Training
o 11/16/00 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 11/30/00 – Motorcycle Officer Survival
o 03/07/01 – 12 Gauge Shotgun Recertification
o 03/07/01 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 04/05/01 – Handgun Simunitions Training
o 11/07/01 – Crowd Control
o 12/06/01 – Shotgun Recertification
o 12/11/01 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 05/02/02 – Motorcycle Simunitions Training
o 05/08/02 – Handgun Requalification
o 05/23/03 – Interaction with the Mentally Ill
o 05/23/02 – WMD Familiarization
o 09/25/02 – Handgun Requalification
o 11/06/02 – Handgun Requalification
o 12/12/02 – Instructor Development Certification
o 01/30/02 – Handgun Requalification
o 05/08/02 – Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 05/22/02 – Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) Certification
o 07/23/02 – Handcuffing Update Training
o 10/10/02 – Advanced Officer Skills Training
o 11/06/02 – Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 12/31/02 – Defensive Tactics Training
o 02/07/03 – Handgun Requalification
o 03/13/03 – Pursuit Policy Training
o 03/27/03 – Defensive Tactics Training
o 05/02/03 – Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 05/07/03 – Defensive Tactics Recertification
o 05/16/03 – Use of Force Policy Training
o 06/18/03 – Advanced Officer Skills Training
o 08/07/03 – Handgun Requalification
o 09/04/03 – Bomb Incident First Responder
o 10/11/03 – Defensive Tactics Training
o 11/21/03 – Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 02/06/04 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 02/08/04 – Defensive Tactics Training
o 02/12/04 – Handgun Requalification
o 02/18/04 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 02/18/04 – Advanced Officer Skills Training
o 02/20/04 – M-26 / X-26 Taser Certification
o 04/29/04 – Handgun / Shotgun / Slug Requalification
o 09/01/04 – AR-15 Rifle Qualification
o 09/01/04 – Handgun Requalification
o 12/12/04 – Defensive Tactics Training
o 12/12/04 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 02/0/05 – Handgun / Shotgun / AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 02/08/05 – Emotional Survival Seminar
o 02/15/05 – Tactical Rescue Training
o 02/15/05 – Tactical Mindset Training
o 02/24/05 – Dynamic Apprehension Training
o 04/05/05 – Tactical Rescue Training
o 04/07/05 – Tactical Mindset Training
o 05/04/05 – Excited Delirium Training
o 05/11/05 – Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 06/21/05 – Critical Procedures testing
o 06/22/05 – AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 07/13/05– Handgun / Shotgun Requalification
o 10/26/05 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 11/09/05 – Handgun / Shotgun/ AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 01/18/06 – Response to Terrorist Bombings
o 02/08/06– Handgun / Shotgun/ AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 03/04/06 – Patrol Rifle / Optics Training Course
o 03/23/06 – Diversity Awareness Training
o 05/05/06– Handgun / Shotgun/ AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 05/24/06 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 06/01/06 – National Incident Management System Training
o 07/05/06 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Testing
o 08/30/06– Handgun / Shotgun/ AR-15 Rifle Requalification
o 08/31/06 – Incident Command System
o 09/10/06 – Pursuit Policy Training
o 09/14/06 – Defensive Tactics Proficiency Raining
o 10/01/06 – Domestic Violence Response

• Non-Tactical Training:
o 12/13/88 – NCIC –II Certification
o 03/07/89 – Informant Management
o 11/09/89 – Narcotics Test Kit Certification
o 03/21/90 – Driver Training
o 04/23/90 – U/C & Covert Investigations
o 05/23/90 – Interviewing and Interrogations
o 07/01/90 – NCIC L-II Recertification
o 07/12/90– NCIC L-II Recertification
o 07/13/90 – “ICE” Training
o 02/08/91 – Automated Incident Report Training
o 04/19/91 – Search & Seizure
o 07/26/91 – Haz-Mat First Responder
o 10/28/91 – Peer Support Training
o 09/11/92 – Blood Borne Pathogens
o 11/06/92 – Crime Scene Preservation & Investigation
o 11/17/92 – Team Building
o 02/23/94 – NCIC Phase II – Limited Access / Background
o 07/01/94 – Bike Training
o 07/12/94 – Driver Training
o 06/23/95 – Investigations Training
o 11/28/95 – CPR
o 03/08/96 – Narcotics / Undercover Operations
o 03/29/96 – NCIC Recertification
o 08/23/96 – OSHA Clandestine Lab Safety
o 11/06/96 – Driver Training
o 01/01/98 – NCIC Recertification
o 05/20/98 – Intoxilyzer 5000 Certification
o 07/17/98 – Advanced On-Scene Accident Investigation
o 08/05/98 – DWI / Advanced FST Training
o 08/28/98 – Tuberculosis Exposure Awareness
o 10/08/98 – Traffic Radar Certification
o 12/04/98 – Police Motorcycle Training & Certification
o 10/04/99 – NCIC LII Recertification
o 04/27/00 – Advanced Motorcycle Training
o 06/01/00 – Driver Training
o 08/21/00 – National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course
o 10/04/00 – So You Want to be a Sergeant
o 11/22/00 – Elder Abuse
o 12/12/00 – Motorcycle Training Recertification
o 05/29/01 – Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) Certification
o 05/31/01 – PBT Operator Course
o 09/05/01 – Breath Test Operator Certification
o 09/12/01 – NCIC/NCJIS Training
o 10/26/01 – Rope Rescue Technician (Intermediate) Certification
o 07/30/02 – Emergency Medical Technician (Intermediate) Certification
o 04/18/02 – Diplomatic and Consular Immunity
o 04/02/03 – Motorcycle Braking Road Course
o 06/21/03 – Health Care Provider
o 08/07/03 – New NHP 5 Crash Report
o 08/28/03 – Investigation of Missing and Abducted Children
o 08/31/03 – Crime Victimization
o 10/09/03 – IPAQ Training / NHP5
o 10/15/03 – Motorcycle Recertification
o 12/02/03 – WordPerfect 8
o 01/21/04 – Diversity Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity
o 03/02/04 – Diversity Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity
o 03/26/04 – NCIC/NJIS Recertification
o 04/21/04 – Consulate Protocol
o 04/27/04 – Driver Training
o 06/15/04 – Search Warrant Certification (Tactical)
o 08/18/04 – Mediation
o 08/25/04 – Digital Photograph Course
o 10/01/05 – NCIC Recertification
o 06/20/09 – Privileged Critical Information (PCII)
o 07/07/10 – National Incident Management (NIMS)
o 10/20/09 – Confined Space Training
o 11/01/09 – Automated Critical Incident Management System (ACAMS)

• Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
o Post Blast Investigations, 02/13-16/06

• New Mexico Tech – Energetic Materials Research and Training Center (EMRTC)
o Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, 02/28/05-03/03/05
o Preventing and Responding to Suicide Bombings, 04/24-28/06

• Public Agency Training Center (PATC)
o Bomb Investigations, 12/5-7/05
o School Bomb Threats, 8/2-3/05

• 09/89 – Use of Deadly Force (Shooting incident not resulting in death)
o Ruled justifiable and appropriate by internal investigation

• 07/90 – Use of Deadly Force (Shooting incident resulting in death)
o Ruled justifiable by Coroner’s Inquest

• Unit Citations for Valorous Conduct
• Meritorious Service Award
• Unit Citation for Meritorious Service

• State of Nevada Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)
o Bomb Threat Management – Certification # P0000226
o Explosives, Components and Improvised Explosive Device Recognition – Certification #P0000241

• DUNS # – 807149419
• NAICS # – 4VM56

• Executive Protection assignments included:

Billionaire Heir to Wal-Mart Fortune (True name to remain confidential)
Karl Rove – Former Deputy Chief of Staff to former President George W. Bush
Tiger Woods – Professional Golfer / Athlete
TapOut Founders, including Charles “Mask” Lewis, Jr., Dan “Punkass” Caldwell and Tim “SkySkrape” Katz
Dwight Yoakam – Singer / Actor
Billionaire Dallas Oil Heir (True name to remain confidential)
Billionaire Saudi Developer and Oil Enterpriser (True name to remain confidential)

• 09/14/08 – KVBC – TV Las Vegas (NBC) – Telephone interview with KVBC’s Hetty Chang, related to the O.J. Simpson Robbery / Kidnapping Trial. Talking points focused on the audiotaped recording, the jury pool, and the strength of the prosecution’s case.