Preparation and Response to Active Shooter and Mass Attacks training – October 5, 2016 – Northern California Hotel & Casino

Great training.  R.S., Gaming

Very engaging presentation!  Name wittheld, Slots

Both presenters passionate about the drills.  Very enthusiastic.  Survive, don’t panic.  J.I., Gaming

Excellent training course!  Thank you.  This training defifitely will save lives.  It defifitely made me more aware and prepared me if an incident occurs in the future.  Thank you again!  M.K.,  Gaming

Significant information.  Strongly recommended.  Name wittheld, Casino Cage

I feel this class is needed EVERYWHERE!!  D.V., Warehouse

Extremely informative.  SIPCoDE and BFF is crucial to these scenarios.  The material was amazing.  With the world the way it is, this class is extremely important for all businesses and management.  Enjoyed it.  Name wittheld, Hotel

Thank you!  W.C., Table Games

Appreciate your commitment to sharing difficult material, to comprehend and make sense of.  J.H., Executive Offices

Good class on how fast things could happen – never relax, always be alert.  E.A., Engineering

Great job…  Thanks for the info.  J.V., Food & Beverage

Great scenarios used for role playing.  B.N., Slots

Everyone should take this class or watch a video.  E.F., Slots

You have a great passion for what you are teaching us.  That is nice to see.  Name wittheld, Food & Beverage

Great job. I feel confident but always look forward to learning more.  L.C., Food & Beverage

Very enlightening.  Name wittheld, Housekeeping

Mike & Lee:  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Now I feel 100% confident that I will survive and save a family, friend, co-worker, stranger’s life.  Never, ever give up.  L.V., Housekeeping

Great class!  R.A., Security

Very good program.  R.R., Security

Very informative.  Good pace.  Kept it interesting.  Name wittheld, Table games

Thank you.  I will be talking to my elementary and high school children tonight.  Put alot in my head.  Will definetely stay with me.  A.N., Human Resources