What Will It Take?

A fanatical coward attacked a concert and targeted teenagers and children.  This comes as no surprise to some of us.  This has been a long-time coming and there will be more to come.  Believe it!  Yesterday, I was interviewed by ABC’s Miami affiliate WPLG Channel 10 and we discussed the ways that venues can do a better job of preparing and protecting guests.  It was an important discussion but, what may be even more important is, will we learn anything and evolve or will we just sit back and hope that we don’t see another attack?  This will happen again and, I’m sorry to say, our schools and universities are the most vulnerable of all so-called soft targets.  Some schools have a policy in place to deal with an attack on campus but unfortunately these policies are reactionary.  In other words, they do little or nothing to prevent an attack and involve waiting to be rescued after the attack has occurred.  My question is: What has to happen before we take this vulnerability seriously?  Will it take another attack on our children.  These fanatics have already shown that they will kill anyone in the name of their cause.  I don’t need to be hit over the head with a brick to know that the time to prepare is NOW!  Better policy, better training and better security!  Will it cost more money?  Yes it will.  I say it’s worth it!